Do Something Athletic "DSA" Foundation was established in conjunction with the creation of the DSA App. The mission of the organization is to helps to support Athletes, Parents, Coaches and Teams to be the best that they can be by assisting with funding for Mentoring, Academia, Nutrition, Equipment & Training.The DSA Foundation actively engage, educate, celebrate & expose young athletes to experiences that will arm them with tools and skills that can be leveraged to achieve future success in their post-academic careers. By building relationships with the communities around young athletes through mentoring, exposure to industry experts, job shadowing insights, celebrating individual & team achievements; the DSA Foundation strives to expose youth to best practices and fundamentals that supplement the skills learned through sports & education. Creating access to sports, health & wellness, and education for athletes who need financial support is a priority for the DSA Foundation.

To donate to the DSA Foundation please click on the link below. Donations to Do Something Athletic Foundation, a charitable organization exempt under IRC Section 501 (c) (3) is 100% tax deductible. Donors can deduct contributions they make under IRC section 170 TAX ID # 81-3734857  We truly appreciate all of the support and donations that have already been made or given and look forward to your contribution. All donation amounts excepted. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.



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